Custom Dental Application for Sleep Apnea 

A Custom Dental Application for Sleep Apnea Promotes Restful Sleep

Over 70% of people who snore, can be helped, and we offer one way in the form of custom dental application for sleep apnea. Snoring is considered an annoying, unhealthy sleep trait. However, it’s probably linked to obstructive sleep apnea which many people live with undiagnosed. 
Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Customised Sleep Apnea Solutions
The primary symptom of sleep apnea is snoring while sleeping. Because it’s common, it’s regarded as trivial and not taken seriously. This one is the first of many mistakes. 
  • Not being diagnosed. People living with sleep apnea don’t think they are suffering from an illness until the symptoms become worse. Because snoring does not cause any harm, millions of people do not see it as a problem in need of diagnosis.
  • Being misdiagnosed. Various conditions are linked to snoring other than sleep apnea; insomnia, depression or even hypothyroidism, which is a condition that is related to slow metabolism and weight gain.
  • Incorrect treatment. In some cases, patients receive medication to alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea, resulting in difficulty breathing and further complications. 
Even medical professionals get it wrong and do not always look to sleep apnea initially, which is why it’s advisable to obtain a second opinion. 
What Sets Snore No More Apart Regarding a Custom Sleep Apnea Solution
With a dedicated complement of medical and dental staff trained to treat patients with sleep apnea, we provide one solution that might bring the relief you need.
  • Snore No More will arrange to meet you at your premises to conduct a sleep study. This process entails health professionals examining your brain activity while you sleep. After that, an affiliate sleep scientist and sleep physician will diagnose you based on the results and advise you accordingly.
  • Dental applications for sleep apnea have reported a success rate of up to 100%. We have high-quality anti-snoring devices which can reduce breathing issues as well as the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.
  • We follow up with a client after they’ve implemented the treatment to ensure that they’re still using the dental device and to determine if it was a success.  
We’re aware that using Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP machines is costly and invasive. It involves wearing a mask on the face while you sleep, and the machine pumps air into the lungs. The dental application is easy to use and non-invasive. 

About Snore No More

We’ve been assisting clients with sleep apnea for over 10 years. We’ll determine if you require treatment for sleep apnea with a sleep test which eliminates the possibility of misdiagnosis. 

If you need customised sleep apnea solutions in Melbourne, then we are your first port of call. We’ll provide you with the Oventus Optima anti-snoring device. Your partner will be grateful, and you will feel rested and refreshed after an apnea-free sleep. Contact us to book an appointment and put a stop to snoring.
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