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Get the Sleep You Need with a Dental Sleep Device in Melbourne

If snoring is keeping you from getting all the rest that you need, then you may be a candidate for a dental sleep device in Melbourne. Most people snore at some point, but for a significant segment of the population, snoring is an ongoing and significant problem. If your snoring is severe or causing problems for you or your partner, Snore No More can help. 
What You Should Know About a Dental Sleep Device
A dental sleep device can be a lifesaver for people who snore heavily but can’t or don’t want to use a CPAP. Here’s what you need to know about snoring and why you should seek treatment sooner rather than later:
  • Snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea. If you have sleep apnea, it means that you stop breathing repeatedly throughout the night while you’re asleep. A dental sleep device can help people with obstructive sleep apnea, in which the tongue and palate block the airway during sleep.
  • Snoring may be temporary or chronic. Some causes of snoring are temporary, such as alcohol consumption, swollen tonsils, or seasonal allergies. However, when the reason for your snoring is a long-term one, such as throat muscle weakness or fat in and around the throat, a dental device can give you much-needed relief.
  • Snoring can be dangerous. Even without sleep apnea, snoring can affect the quality of your sleep, putting you at risk for multiple health problems. With sleep apnea, the problem becomes dangerous–even deadly in severe cases. 
Myths About Snoring and Where to Find a Dental Sleep Appliance in Melbourne
You should arm yourself with facts when you’re dealing with a problem that affects your life so significantly, such as snoring. You can’t always trust what you read on a user-generated page on the Internet, so to set the record straight, here are some myths that you can safely disregard about snoring:
  • If you snore, then you have sleep apnea. In fact, you can snore heavily all night every night and not have apnea. With sleep apnea, you stop breathing over and over while you’re asleep, sometimes hundreds of times each night.
  • Snoring means that you’re in a deep sleep. You may have seen characters on TV who were deeply asleep snoring loudly for comedic effect, but in real life, a person who snores could be dealing with sleep apnea, which disrupts sleep and prevents them from reaching deep, restful sleep. 
  • Women rarely snore. It’s true that men are more likely to snore and have sleep apnea, but it’s not true that women don’t snore. Lots of women snore at least occasionally, with pregnant and menopausal women snoring even more frequently. 
If your snoring is causing you distress, you can get your custom-fitted Oventus Optima at Snore No More. 

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