How It Works

couple having a good night sleep

01 How It Works

The first step in the journey to a sound, yet silent sleep, is to receive a genuine sleep diagnosis/sleep study.

This diagnosis is carried out by an affiliated sleep scientist.
We are able to examine the patient in the comfort of their own home and create a specific sleep diagnosis. This sleep diagnosis is reported on by a sleep physician, who helps us to understand the actual presence and intensity of the sleep apnea.
On the basis of snoring consultation information, our sleep consultants can arrange a consultation in your home, at your convenience.
Sleep study conducted in your home
Record taking visit

Deliver and fit appliance and show how to use it.
Follow up with client and ensure progress.

There are certain lifestyle changes such as weight loss, sleeping on one’s side, and decreasing alcohol intake that can help to reduce the airways obstructions.

02 How The O2 Works

The airway obstruction is what leads to snoring and unregulated breathing throughout the sleeping hours.

Made from medical grade nylon using a 3d printing process, the Oventus O2 Optima, is a ground-breaking oral appliance for treating snoring and sleep apnea that features a unique pathway that allows free-flowing air to pass through. The air through this pathway bypasses the palate and the tongue, while also adjusting them to avoid falling back.

Unlike ready made appliances purchased online or in store, the Oventus O2 Optima is custom made from a very strong medical grade nylon and will last for many years. These mouth guards are easy to get used to since they have been custom-designed to fit your mouth.

In people suffering from OSA, the lower jaw drops back and carries the tongue further into the throat area, causing an obstruction.

couple having a good night sleep with Oventus O2 Vent

03  Benefits of the Oventus O2 Optima

  • Less obstructive than most available devices and treatments
  • Lightweight and portable enough to carry in your pocket
  • Not electrically operated
  • Easy to manage

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