How It Works

How Snoring and Sleep Apnea Consultation Works

The very first step in the journey to a sound, yet a silent sleep, is to receive a genuine sleep diagnosis/sleep study. This diagnosis is carried out by an affiliated sleep scientist.

We are able to examine the patient in the comfort of their own home and create a scientific sleep diagnosis. This sleep diagnosis is reported by a sleep physician, who helps us to understand the actual presence and intensity of the sleep apnea. On the basis of snoring consultation information, our sleep consultants can arrange a consultation in your home, at your convenience(conditions apply).

Step 1: Sleep study conducted in your home
Step 2: Record taking visit
Step 3: Fitting of the appliance and basic instructions
Step 4: Follow up with the client and ensure progress

There are certain lifestyle changes such as weight loss, sleeping on one’s side, decreasing alcohol intake that can help to reduce the airway obstructions.

How the O2 works:

  • In the case of most sleep apnea patients, there is an obstruction caused at the soft palate. The O2 lets the air pass effortlessly through a dedicated pathway.
  • The air passes from the single inlet, splitting into two ends between the jaws, at the back of the device. The lips seal the device in, creating a tight space, only allowing air to pass through the low resistance pathway.
  • By bringing the jaw to the right position and moving the tongue forward, the natural airway is opened. This creates a free path for the air coming through the back of the device.

For most users, they usually need a day or two to adjust themselves to the device and feel comfortable to the point of not knowing the difference of having an external device in the mouth. We recommend using it regularly each night to ensure the long term benefits the device has to offer.

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