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Combat Sleep Apnea with an Oventus Optima in Melbourne

Sleep apnea is a condition that prohibits the body from having a restful sleep, but having an Oventus Optima in Melbourne is the key to solving your sleeping and often consequential relationship problems. See why we recommend this product and how we can assist you in diagnosing sleep apnea.

Benefits of the Oventus From Snore No More
For many years, the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP machine has been the preferred treatment for sleep apnea. However, many users found it inconvenient and refrained from using the device further.
  • It fits in your mouth. Using the CPAP treatment is a chore for people because of the mask, the pipe, host machine and power cable interfering with their sleep. It restricts movement in bed and is uncomfortable to wear. The Oventus device slots into the mouth and opens the airway, thus preventing snoring.
  • Beneficial to your relationship. Snoring is a topic that people make fun of, not realising it can harm the patient and their partner’s relationship. Couples forego intimacy because the sleep apnea patient has to sleep in another room. Wearing this device eliminates that and keeps loved ones together.
  • Improves the overall health of the body. Symptoms of sleep apnea include extreme fatigue regardless of the number of hours you’ve slept, high blood pressure and even heart disease. Since the dental device allows for oxygen to the back of your throat, your mind registers that you’ve rested. You wake up feeling energised. The knock-on effect lowers the risk of chronic disease. 
What to Expect from Snore No More Regarding the Oventus Optima
We have found that dental applications are one of the best treatments for sleep apnea patients. Know what to expect to get one.
  • A thorough examination will show if you are a sleep apnea patient. On the first visit, a sleep scientist will conduct a sleep study. From those results, our health professionals make their diagnosis and will inform whether you require treatment.
  • Since the Oventus Optima is a dental product, measurements are taken for a perfect fit, without hindering or hurting you. It is thus not a one size fits all product, and it can’t be shared or taken over from another person.
  • Once your Optima is ready, we fit the device and provide you with instructions to care for the product. Initially, there will be a degree of discomfort as you get used to wearing the device while sleeping.

Why Use Snore No More

Our dedication to helping sleep apnea sufferers is clear by the fact that we will meet you at your convenience to determine if you need treatment or not. With over 10 years of experience, our professionals are leaders in the industry and understand the condition, which is why we support dental applications as the preferred treatment of sleep apnea. Contact us for an appointment and put an end to sleepless nights.
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