Oventus Snoring Dental Device

Does your partner’s loud and harsh snoring disrupt your sleep?


Control your Partner’s Snoring with Oventus – A Dental Device for Sleep Apnea

Snoring is a common condition that affects both men and women alike. It can be disrupting for the partner since the snorer is not aware of his/her snoring. Moreover, snoring is also one of the symptoms of OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). Hence, it needs to be treated and controlled.

The Oventus dental device reduces and controls snoring. Moreover, it has been proved effective for treatment of OSA.

How does Oventus dental device for sleep apnea help?

To understand how Oventus help in combating snoring and OSA, let us know the cause of snoring.

When you sleep, the soft tissues at the back of your throat relax. This narrows down the airway and hence it gets partially blocked. Partially blocked airway causes a vibration, consequently resulting in snoring.

The Oventus Sleep Apnea device is a customized anti snore device that helps to combat and treat OSA..

Oventus is an innovative dental appliance for sleep apnea made from Titanium and acrylic resin. It has a unique pathway that allows free flowing air to pass through easily. In most cases, the device is known to last for many years depending on minor routine maintenance.

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For detailed information about Oventus snoring device, please head to https://oventus.com.au/

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