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Our Stop Snoring Mouthpiece in Melbourne Can Provide Restful Sleep

Snoring can disturb your partner’s sleep, or worse, ruin your relationship. Our stop snoring mouthpiece can help Melbourne get a better night’s rest (and save your relationship). 
Snoring mouthpieces help to deter the base of the tongue from flopping back into the throat, blocking your airway. Your mouthpiece needs to be comfortable or you will not use it. These devices are an excellent way to eliminate snoring by freeing your tongue from obstructing your airway. Sleep apnea could just be the start of blood pressure problems, with possible heart problems developing.  

Benefits Of A Mouthpiece To Stop Snoring


We have designed our snoring mouthpiece to maintain the architecture of the mouth while you are asleep. A device such as this can ameliorate loud snoring or assist in eradicating a chronic problem. 
  • A mouthpiece ensures that your tongue does not move to the back of the throat, which could block your airway.
  • A mouthpiece also stops soft tissue within the oropharynx (the tonsils, the wall of the mouth, and the soft palate) from vibrating while you sleep.
When Buying Stop Snoring Mouthpieces Consider This
Irrespective of the reason for purchasing a mouthpiece, there are some aspects you should take into account before you buy one. 
  • Avoid a too-small fit − the mouthpiece should not rub against the gums. If the fit is not right or comfortable, you will be inclined to stop wearing the device.
  • Make sure that the mouthpiece can be customised. It will help if you boil your mouthpiece, fitting it to your mouth when still warm. This will customise it for you and will result in it being a better fit.
  • If you suffer from nasal problems, you need to ensure that there is sufficient airway space for ease of breathing while you sleep. 
Why Trust Snore no More Regarding a Mouthpiece to Stop Snoring
Snore No More, located in Melbourne, provides mouthpieces that not only assist with your snoring problem but also help to eliminate sleep apnea. Restful sleep will ensue for you and your partner. With more than 10 years of service to Melburnians, the device that attracts most attention is the Oventus Optima anti-snoring mouthpiece. This anti-snoring device uses a less obstructive method than others. We should also mention that customers do not have to travel to view the product: home visits are possible. 
If you want peaceful sleep, contact us. You can change your sleeping position, lose some weight, stop smoking, or not eat too late. However, if you have a chronic problem, you could instead undergo a sleep study to determine the cause of your snoring; or you could complete our questionnaire beforehand. We can then analyse your specific problem, offering you the finest, and most pertinent solutions to work for you. You will benefit because any obstructions will be minimised: also, the solution is both stress-free to manage and not electronically activated.
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